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Prague (Praha) is a beautiful city with numerous scenic attractions including splendid historical monuments, landmarks, attractions, numerous shopping alternatives, and a range of fabulous cafes, nightclubs and restaurants. This makes Prague a perfect travel destination for solo travellers and also for the ones travelling with their loved ones.




400 BC

Before the arrival of the Slavs certain regions of Prague were inhabited by Celtic and German tribes. The name Bohemia came from the Celtic Tribe called Boii, which is still used today for the western part of the Czech Republic.


Culture:The city of Prague (Praha) has always been a city of cultural, economic and political importance in the European continent. The city which is the capital of Bohemia lies on the banks of the Vltava River and has been declared to be one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Prague Geography:

The Czech Republic is geographically located in the centre of Europe, surrounded by Austria, Slovakia, Poland and Germany, with almost the same distance from the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean and the North Sea.

Prague is the largest and the capital city of the Czech Republic. Rich in its historical heritage, this attractive city is the commercial and cultural centre of Czech Republic.

Geographical coordinates: 50° 05” N, 14° 27” E





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